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You have a project / idea / business you love. You may be wondering if you do only what you know, will it allow you to reach as many people as you would like and attain the professional, personal and financial goals that  you really want.

Coaching combines active support with strategy, accountability and results. It helps turn great ideas into realities. Our work together begins with a strategy session to gain clarity on the goals that excite you and includes a collaborative, custom designed road map with action steps that will energize and assist you on the way to accomplishing your goals. We will address the things that come up on your way to success so that you can gain the skills and insight you need to feel happy, successful and satisfied when you get there. Life feels better and more exciting when you say Yes to yourself. Are you ready to nurture Your idea and watch it grow?

If you answered Yes, here’s what to do: call or email to schedule your free 30-minute strategy session today. If you are ready to schedule a full coaching session you can email, call or click on the Schedule Appointment button to choose a day and time that works for you.  The world needs your gifts – and so do You.


Individual coaching is for people who are ready to accelerate their growth and their success. Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Leaders, all of us take on these roles in our lives. Coaching is for people who want to accelerate their growth in these areas. As a collaborative team, we will develop a powerful roadmap for you to create the vision of your success and address any obstacle in the way so that you can move forward to into the
life ~ project ~ performance ~ income ~ relationship you really want.


Rachel facilitates workshops that inspire postive growth and are custom designed to meet the needs and culture of your organization or group. These workshops are fun, interactive, insightful and inspiring. Topics include; Authentic Leadership, Team Building, Communication and Creative Idea Generation. Past clients include Whole Foods Market, The State Bar of Texas, University of Texas School of Law, Razor Fish, Junior League of Austin and more.

Keynote Speaking 

Rachel speaks on a variety of topics including: Stress Management, Authentic Leadership – Leading from the Heart, and How to Cultivate a Culture of Brilliance and Creativity. Rachel shares strategies on how to generate great ideas, improve collaboration, deliver results, inspire thoughtful leaders, boost team moral and create powerful teams. With a dual background in professional counseling and improvisational comedy, Rachel brings humor, insight and fun to every audience.

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Are you ready to Feel Better and say Yes to yourself?

If you answered Yes, here’s what to do:

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