Giving Back

“It Is Possible to Live in Peace.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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Full disclosure: I will cry at a touching commercial. Whenever I witness kindness and generosity of any kind, I am moved. I believe at our core, we all want to love and be loved. An integral part of my practice, both personally and professionally, is about making a meaningful contribution in the world. I believe that many of the world’s problems are solvable and that each of us can make a difference. Together, we can accomplish a lot.

It starts with You. When you invest in yourself, your relationships and your dreams, you are making the world a better place by adding to the collective joy and happiness in the world. And, you are also helping a person in need.

How it works: Austin Counseling + Relationship Therapy / Love Your Life, LLC is fortunate to have an ever growing community of powerful, inspiring clients. To express gratitude and appreciation, keep the good flowing and expand our reach, Love Your Life, LLC donates a portion it’s profits to local, national and international organizations who provide fundamental needs to women, children and men as well as make Austin and the world a better place.

Donations have gone to organizations such as The American Red Cross, Amnesty International, Care, Charity: Water, Children International, The Compassion Collective, Doctors Without Borders, Feeding America, Human Rights Campaign, Kiva, The Malala Fund, Mercy Corps, Out YouthUnicef and more. There are many ways to make a difference and every act of kindness counts.

Thank You for changing the world. 








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