Here to help you have the life you really want

If you are feeling tired of experiencing life in a way that doesn’t make you truly happy, now is the time. My mission is to help you have more love, more joy and more peace in your relationships and in your life.

We all have stuff. Stuff that makes us sad, lonely, depressed, angry, discouraged, you name it. The gift is,  as you sort through your thoughts and feelings – you will find a truly exceptional You. This is the goal of therapy: to help you discover how capable and enough you really are and assist you in accomplishing any goal that matters to you.

Individual Counseling

My approach to Individual counseling is encouraging and down-to-earth, to allow you to be your authentic self and support you in creating the best version of the life you want to live. To learn more about Individual counseling click here.

Couples Therapy

Couples counseling begins with teaching couples how to create a safe, relaxed space where both partners can feel heard and understood, and includes tips on how to maintain a sense of closeness even in the tough times. To learn more about couples counseling click here.

In Person, Phone or Skype

In addition to meeting in person, I offer therapy and coaching over the phone and Skype. These additional ways of working together can be helpful if you travel a lot, have a busy schedule or simply prefer to stay in the comfort of your home. Please feel free to ask me more about how on-line methods of meeting could work for you.

Free 20-min Discovery Session

Clients have shared that they begin to feel better after only one session. This may be hard to believe right now, but there is no limit to how much better things can get. I offer a free 20-min Discovery Session so that we can discuss your needs, dreams and goals and see if it feels like a good fit for us to work together. Please don’t wait one more day. Together we can make it better.

Are you ready to Feel Better and say Yes to yourself?

If you answered Yes, here’s what to do:

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