What People Are Saying

Every client relationship is a special one. It is with great respect and appreciation that I share these happy client messages of gratitude with you.


“To say that I recommend Rachel would be an understatement. Telling someone about her, for me, is knowing that I have just given them a gift that has infinite possibilities in their life.” 

“I have learned so much, had a fun time and felt encouraged and fully accepted by you. Rachel is one of those people who gives you her full, undivided attention when you are in her presence. It is a rare and beautiful experience.” 

“My now-husband and I recently went to Rachel for a series of premarital counseling sessions. We couldn’t have had a more positive experience!  Rachel is warm, thoughtful, caring, and excellent at what she does. She made us feel at ease right away. We left each session feeling that it was well worth our time and having learned how to better communicate with each other. We wholeheartedly recommend Rachel, and would certainly visit her again ourselves!” 

“I highly recommend Rachel Madorsky as both a therapist and as a person. Rachel is a warm, friendly, sympathetic listener. She is an amazing resource and support-system. Her suggestions and assistance have been invaluable.” 

“She is dedicated to creating an environment where each person feels safe and encouraged to be exactly who and how they are. I can honestly say that my work with Rachel is some of the most fun and inspiring that I’ve come across in the field.”

Rachel is an absolute miracle worker. She made us feel so appreciated for who we are while showing us easy ways to grow individually and in our relationship. My fiancé and I think it’s the best money we’ve ever spent!”

“Rachel has a unique ability to connect with her clients. She is engaging, down to earth and nonjudgmental.  Her approach is interactive and based in real, practical and varied techniques that allow each client to grow and become more confident at handling their own challenges. Her warm personality is comforting and inspiring to all who know her. I have referred many people to Rachel and recommend her highly.”

“I am so happy I found you. I wanted to feel confident again, I wanted my mojo back. After one session with Rachel, I feel 100 times better, hopeful and excited about my business and my life! Thank You!”

“Rachel is an incredibly talented counselor. She facilitated major breakthroughs for me each time we met. My newlywed husband and I are happier than ever and we owe that to Rachel. She really is the best!” 

“My favorite part of the Premarital Counseling were Rachel’s insights and all of the conversations it sparked outside of when we were in the office. It was surprising to me that we (my fiancé and I) had a lot of the same things at the root of our issues – we were just responding to them in different ways. We learned ways to approach our conflicts that we now use effectively. I really, really appreciated Rachel’s approach on things. It was a great experience. I highly recommend it.”

“We have loved this experience. It has been totally mind-blowing. It has helped us grow as individuals and it has given us an even stronger sense of confidence in our relationship. Now, I feel something totally different that I’ve never felt before. Total security. Total safety. So complete and honest.”

“I loved seeing my partner open up in a new way. We are now seeing all the options in between where each of us stand. I don’t think we could have gotten a better experience. Thank you!”

You completely changed my way of thinking about how we approach challenges. One of my favorite discoveries has been: it’s not about who gets what they want; it IS possible that we can BOTH get everything we want and more!”

“I feel like you delivered truths we both needed to hear in the gentlest way possible so it didn’t feel like you were pointing out our weaknesses but instead giving us exciting ideas to grow, if we choose. Working with you has been the most important thing we could do preparing for our wedding!”